Teddy & Jess - Engagement by Tim Gavrilov

Teddy and Jess are two forces of creativity. Both love music, art, and coffee but most importantly, each other. We took a trip down to Granville State Forest with Aleksandr Verbetsky to get some amazing shots of them in the great outdoors. During our adventure we met a man swimming in the stream who told us the best place to jump into the water from the ledge and I almost broke my ankle hopping on rocks. I would say it was a success!

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Max & Sulamita - Engagement by Tim Gavrilov

Max is a great friend of mine. We worked together and like the same music, games, and shows. At the time, I didn't know Sula all that much but I remember meeting her at work when she dropped lunch off for Max and they sat eating together in the corner. As Max would probably say, "Adorbz". You could see right away they were meant for each other. When he finally proposed to the girl he loved, I was happy to shoot their engagement and wedding!

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Ivan & Tanya - Engagement by Tim Gavrilov

It was pretty exciting having the opportunity to shoot my first engagement shoot with Ivan and Tanya, at Beacon Hill of all places! Boston has its charm just like these two, so capturing them was a breeze. Before this I had taken a relatively long break from shooting professionally but after spending the afternoon with Ivan and Tanya, it all changed.

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