Western Mass

Park Square Stroll with Teddy and Jess by Tim Gavrilov

I first met Teddy and Jess years ago when I started attending TNG youth service where Jess sang and Teddy played sax on the worship team. They are both very warm and enthusiastic people who love music; it’s no wonder they ended up together! The reception was held in their youth group building, the very place where they had spent so much time growing as friends. Afterward, I captured the beautiful moments between them where their future lies, with their coffeeshop in downtown Westfield.

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Winter Wonderland with Mike and Olga by Tim Gavrilov

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a winter shoot with Mike and Olga. This has been planned since the summer when they told me they needed family photos with none other than their small little dog named Edgar. Unfortunately, despite having a sweater on, Edgar was too cold to take more than a few photos with us. He ran off to the car to make his protest clear. We still had a great time and even had a snowball fight on our way back.

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